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(Archived) adding emails to notes

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Does anyone know how to add an email to an existing note? My boss has just upgraded his evernote and this option seems to have gone away. All we have across the top of the note is the following icons.

1. camera

2. photos/video

3. microphone

4. trash

5. info

6. the share icon

7. the magnifying glass.



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Hi Sharon - how did your boss add emails to Evernote before the upgrade? There's never been a way (AFAIK) to add emails from the note itself, you would have to move the email into the note by taking some action on the email - click and drag / copy and paste, that sort of thing. What hardware is your boss using? A pad or a 'phone?

Short term work-around - you can always forward emails to his account email address to get them into a note, then merge notes later -if you have to- to put them with other material on the same subject.

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