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I can add checkboxes into notes, but how do I get to view a checklist?

If you mainly use one checkbox per note, you can do the following

Create a list of your checkbox titles (I believe it works in the Mac similar to Windows)

1. Run a search to find all your Unfinished To-Do items (the checkboxes that are not checked)


2. Select all of the notes from the search

3. Copy the note links (in Windows, I right click the selected titles in the Note List and select "Copy Note Link"

4. Paste into a new note or into a Word document. Add bullet points to improve the appearance.

A nice feature for this list is the titles are active links that will take you to the actual notes.

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Reaver: that looks like a complex procedure to do a simple thing, which is to have an immediate list of actions that can be checked off.

pardon my critique, I'm new to this game :-)


No problem. I have been using Evernote for several years and have over 20,000 notes.

I use Evernote's search grammar extensively, so I can understand how my suggestion might be daunting.

But give it a try.

I just timed myself to create a list of recent web clippings about the downfall of California.

I created this list in under 30 seconds. The same can be done for a list of to-do items.


p.s. this is a just a partial list. Anyone who knows Califonia's problems, will realize this is just a mere smidgeon of all the problem they face.

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