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(Archived) Ambassadors Visit Evernote

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I came across a blog post, and thought I'd share it with everyone. Jamie Rubin wrote about his trip to Evernote headquarters. I made my own pilgrimage out there a few months ago, and I can confirm what he says about this: "We also got to meet several product managers and talk with them, and they were eager to listen to us and our ideas. It was an exciting experience all around."


Jamie's post led to this one. It will give you some idea of what the Evernote home offices look like. That's where the magic happens!


Brandie's post led to this one by Megan. You might be getting the sense that all anyone ever does there is eat and drink. Well, I guess it is no surprise we have Evernote Food :)


That led me to this one by Nicholas. Kids might be a bit more excited if they could study in a place like these, it's true, but I'd say most of us would like to work in that kind of environment as well. This isn't anything like Dunder Mifflin!


Do you have any idea what an Evernote Ambassador is?


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