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iOS Not receiving evernote notes send by mail

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I've just installed evernote on my dads iPad (new, OSx 6).

Sending note from evernote dad by mail to my own email: works

Sending email to evernote from my own email or email dad: works

Sending note from my own evernote account to dads email: works

The only thing that isn't working, and which is in fact the most important thing that should be working at this moment: sending note from evernote dad to email dad / coworkers (with similar email extension).

Anyone have any clues for a solution?

Dads email works on outlook server, but is also imported in Mac OSx Mail.

Hope you can help us!

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I just realized I have the same issue, only notes emailed to my EN account don't get there at all. I've been sending content the past two weeks and it's all in my sent file but searching in EN doesn't find any of the emails. I've confirmed my email address to EN is correct, and I've sent a note successfully to my email. Where are my emails landing, and how can I get them landing in my EN?

I even tried resetting my evernote email, now I have a new evernote email address but it still isn't working.

Using Windows 7, emailing from gmail using Chrome browser.

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I've given up on the email feature. Never reaches my co-workers. Much better when it would open a message in Microsoft Outlook saying it was an Evernote note. No idea why they turned off this feature in the latest release. I've stopped using Evernote as a result.

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I see there was not a solution posted to this problem. Suddenly emails sent from my iPhone (iOS 7) do not appear as notes in my account. Emails sent from the sam address on my Mac do. I use this function A LOT and I would love to see it fixed. This is nearly a showstopper for me. I can't understand why it suddenly stopped working - I have used this successfully for quite some time. Help!

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None f my emails are received in Evernote.

I am preparing a seminar where I was going to promote Evernote.

Set up a notebook called "seminar."

Send emails with @seminar in title.

None are received at all.

This is the only reason I use it.

Either it gets fixed, or I'll quit.

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