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(Archived) Skitch using up Evernote storage?


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Just letting you kwow about 2 bugs with Skitch.. or is it Evernote?

In Evernote I used to be able to use it all month, withoute EVER getting close to the monthly limit,

Since Skitch was incorporated into the Evernote thing, it fills up so fast.. BUT there seems to be an error here. Screeny shows that the amount of KB shown in the list, is nothing LIKE 30 mg which is shown to be nearly full in the Usage window.

Seondly when taking this screenshot. After I cropped it (I have 2 screens the Screen was showing irrelevant stuff, the size shrank, si this images IS NOT GOOD quality now!

Or a thirdly, bring back the comments section under a posted online image... that was so usefull for me. I would screen shot a problem, and send to freelancer, we could then discuss the issues right there under the image... as the page never expired, there wasa a record of what we agreed.



I see that there are many other threads dissing the new Skitch, Just one year ago, I culd get a personal response from the Evernote team,but now, its seems you guys have gone and bought a skyscraper or something... gotten too big for your boots?

I suspect that both Evernote AND Skitch were not really making any money.. (Did I pay for either product.. Hmm maybe Skitch.. Yes definately Skitch) and now you realise you need to make some cash? Or did you just recently float stocks and the sharehoders are hungry? New board?

What IS it that has made both companies become a bit... well less like they were?


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