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(Archived) Scan direct to Evernote? (without a laptop in the middle)


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I want to go paperless, and buy a scanner that will enable scanning direct to Evernote. I'd strongly prefer to scan 'direct to the cloud' rather than having the scans go through my laptop each time.

Which scanner should I buy?

The ScanSnap S1300i looks good - but it seems to require connection to a laptop for all scans?

Are there any duplex scanners which can send direct to Evernote without requiring a laptop? I assume that this is possible with any scanner which scan direct to an email address?



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Yes, that's how I do it. You need a scanner/multifunction copier that either has a built-in "Send to Evernote" feature or that can scan directly to email (your EN email address) I do this all the time at the office where we have some of the fancier Xerox macines.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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