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(Archived) Major sync issues, cross platform

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i've recently discovered some major syncing problems with Evernote on multiple platforms - is it just me or is this something more people experience?

My setup is as follows: iPhone, Windows 7 work computer, iPad, Macbook Air. All with the latest Evernote installed, premium member. In addition, my wife has a normal account with the software installed on her Mac and her iPhone. We have a few shared notebooks for shopping lists and stuff like that.

The problem is as follows: Updates to notes don't sync reliably, and there's no way of telling when it will work. I can make changes on one unit and it syncs to some of the others, but not all. If the note is then changed on one of the non-updated units, this new change will then overwrite the note from the others, thus leaving us with lost data. Other times, it is not possible to make changes sync at all, even though all logs claims everything to be in sync.

On the iPad, I have even seen differences in notes based upon where I open them from (the same note is different if opened from "all notes" or from its notebook), so it's obvious that something is wrong somewhere in the underlying sync technology.

What to do? This problem is undermining one of the main functions of Evernote for me.

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Thanks, but that thread seems to assume that everything works when you manually sync. For me, I can force sync and the clients are still not showing the same data, but there is no conflicting changes either. Data just disappears on some unlucky clients that are unexplicably out of sync.

Dropbox manages to nail this with unknown file types, it's very strange that Evernote cannot even get sync to work properly with their own proprietary format. Even the "sync every NN minutes" setting points to problems with sync - why not keep all clients updated in realtime like other syncing platforms?

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This has just started happening to me in the last few days, I'm wondering if it's due to one of the latest updates. I sync between two different windows machines, an ipad, and an android phone. And now it seems totally random which update survives and gets synced with the others. Sometimes I get duplicates of notes, sometimes a note that I can plainly see on one device never ever appears on any of the others. And yes, I've forced manual syncs, no luck.

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EN support had me clear out my database files on my windows machine, and that seemed to solve it. In Tools -> Options -> General you can see the database folder, I logged out/closed EN, renamed the .exb file and then re-opened EN and let it rebuild the data file. After that, problems disappeared.

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I'm having a similar syncing problem. I have a premium account and use Evernote on:

an Android phone

a Nexus 7

and two Windows 7 laptops - one is a spare back-up machine and rarely used.


I find the note counts are the same on the devices, but the tags are not syncing properly.


A case in point, I have a tag "Laleham", on the two mobile devices as well as the web interface EverNote reports 2 notes, but on the (main) Windows application there are 5.


Is there anyway to force a re-sync of the tags to a named device or platform?

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I have the same sync issues from time to time. If I sync manually, it works fine. I think the issue is that EN syncs every 5 minutes at best. A lot of times, I take notes briefly and log out. 


EN: please invest in syncing every minute. I should not have to think about syncing issues. This is a terrible user experience for a syncing tool. 

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