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(Archived) Sync took for ever

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I set my evernote to sync on exit, and sync automatically everyday. However, I still found notes not synced properly. I tried to manually sync by click on the icon "Sync", then it took forever. For example, I clicked the sync button 6 hours ago today, it is still far from finished. I don't have much note in my account, I only used 3.7M of space. If there anything I can do to change this situation?

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If certain notes refuse to sync, it may be because of their title or contents - check to see how large each note is, and whether it uses any odd characters in the title. Do the notes which refuse to sync have anything in common - content, title etc - which might give you a clue?

You could try copying the content of one or more of these notes into a brand new note and re-typing a title to see whether it has been corrupted in some way..

If a few simple checks fail, then try Support.

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