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(Archived) How to check usage?

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I only just got Evernote, and I only have 3 notes in total saved on my Evernote account, with all 3 notes being under 1MB, but for some reason, it says that I have used 39MB of data already. What is wrong? Is there any way that I can check what has taken up my storage? I really want to save more notes, but I am not sure if the 60MB is enough for me if it continues like this... Please help!



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Hi symonthy, welcome to Evernote!

First, the 60MB free allowance is a monthly upload limit. Total storage is irrelevant, only the amount of data uploaded to EN servers each month. Once you hit your limit, you will just need to wait until the next month before starting again. In the meantime, you can store stuff in an offline notebook for later transfer into a synchronised one.

I can't comment on your particular trio of notes, but keep in mind that each edit on a desktop or mobile client will result in the note being re-uploaded to the servers and therefore contribute to your allocated monthly upload. Notes with multimedia will contribute to this. One thing to try in future perhaps might be to separate large pictures from regularly edited notes so that uploads only include text. You can use note links to easily find related notes.

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