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(Archived) Developers: Idea for offline client

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Calling all developers.

Now we have an API at our disposal, right? This opens the door for many interesting ideas. How about trying to develop an un-official offline client for smartphones?

I was thinking to create an app that would export an html version of my notes, so I can carry them in my phone, with indexes by both notebooks and tags. Not too hard... or too powerful. No encryption, and it's read-only. But it's something.

I just thought of another starting point. Have you heard about Upvise? They were called Unyverse before. Another web2.0 startup. But they have something quite interesting: a app-development platform. Check here: http://www.upvise.com/developer/default.aspx. It sounds like an interesting way to try and develop a decent looking app without doing it from the ground-up. And it's multi-platform. "Write once, run everywhere" Where have I heard this before? :lol:

(BTW: I do not represent, belong, endorse or whatever Upvise. I just think their platform is cool)

(And yes: I noticed Upvise handles "notes", but they aren't nearly as powerful as Evernote; no tags, no encryption, and no PC client, for starters.)

Just an idea I'll look into later. But then again, someone might have more time / clue / drive to analyze this path further and tell us if I'm completely off-topic here, or if this could actually happen.

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We've had several requests for API keys from developers interested in working on mobile clients for Evernote on various platforms. This is a moderate amount of work, so I wouldn't expect anything right away, but it would be great to see options, particularly on underserved platforms.


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