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(Archived) Using Evernote for Bookmarks in the Browser

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I am not using Evernote to store all my stuff, site bookmarks, notes, everything. However, I am still having to bookmark stuff too. Im sure this request has come across the table.

I organize my notes with a single root folder, example: ministry, school, cooking.. etc.. all get tagged within the root folder

Any note related to ministry: Jesus second coming, armor of God

Any note related to cooking: deserts, sandwiches

Any note related to school: History, syllabus

I would love to have a Google Chrome extension (Mac) and a favorites replacement (Windows) to replace the existing with my Evernote notes, as my bookmarking.

So my notes as a bookmarking system would like like


- tag 1

- tag 2

- tag 3

and so on. The cool thing about this, a tag can fit in other root folders, so if tag2 related to both Ministry and Cooking, I would find it in both areas, not have to do 2 separate bookmarks.

Love the plugin! Thanks for yalls hard work!

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