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REQUEST: EN 5: one note in several notebooks



I would like to see the option to have one note in several notebooks at the same time. Of course I could copy a note and put it into a second notebook, but if I then change one note, the original/copy would remain unchanged.

Any chance to get that feature?

Love the new Evernote 5 on my iPad 2, btw. Way better looking than the previous version, faster and better to use too!

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Tiberius - tags are really just clever notebooks. You can have one note, and tag it with more than one tag. Thus the note is now in more than one tag notebook.

Just imagine in your mind that tags are really notebooks, indeed, the very notebooks you are looking for!

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@Tiberius, I'd suggest you consider the case for tagging again. As @BnF said it's exactly what tags are for. Personally I hate multiple filing (which my email client forces on me).

Either that or rely on search (which has its limitations - such as when the term isn't inherently in the note's text).

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Have considered using the Note Link function to link all related note together?

Just a thought.


I would also request this feature, though I'm a Windows/Android user, not Mac. For my use case, tags wouldn't really be appropriate- repeated tagging and searching would be far more cumbersome than simply symlinking.

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I have, but it would be awkward and inappropriate for what I want to do. I frequently have notes that are relevant under multiple folders, and I find it frustrating to decide arbitrarily which one to put them in. I could use tags instead of folders, but I find the tag search is slower and more awkward, both for filing and for searching, than just using folders.

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To be more specific: I mostly use Evernote to manage clippings. When using tags to organize them, the added overhead of typing in the tags for every. single. file. gets really out of hand. But when there are multiple equally likely folders for a clipping to be in, having to hunt through them when I can't remember which one I used is also frustrating. I could just clip multiple copies, but then my annotations wouldn't stay in sync across the different folders. So, there are solutions, but no perfect ones. I'm not sure if symlinks would be unduly onerous to implement, but they would definitely be the ideal solution for me, if we could have them.

Ergo, bump.

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