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(Archived) ScanSnap great, but software is limited

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I bought a ScanSnap 1300i, and it works very well, but the software leaves a few things to be desired for my use case:

I am a heavy Evernote user, and slowly teaching my wife to be the same. She likes the scanner, and it would really help my pedagogical cause to set her up so that she just has to push a button and have things show up in her Evernote account. The ScanSnap is permanently connected to my iMac, and usually goes straight into my Evernote account with minimal fuss. It would be easy to show her to select the "Wife's Evernote" profile from ScanSnap Manager, and have the scans go into a notebook I share with her, but ...

I haven't yet found a way to make a profile that scans to a specific notebook. I don't want to scan everything to our shared notebook, because I scan _A LOT_.

The other problem is, I can't seem to use other scanning software because the ScanSnap doesn't show up in the System Settings. The only way in to the scanner seems to be through their software.

Does anyone else have a similar set-up? I just want to be able to pick a profile, and then have it scan to the right place without going through a bunch of previews and windows all the time.

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Does anyone else have a similar set-up?

I am a heavy user and never, ever would allow my wife or anyone else to load their stuff into my Evernote.

She has her laptop, her software, and her hardware. I have mine.

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What you could do is scan to a folder, and then have a Folder Action set up so that when your scan reaches the folder an AppleScript fires and automatically imports it to your selected notebook. Then you could have his and her folders and that should work.

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