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Hi... weird this browser isn't letting me put in a line break so excuse me for this massive paragraph... I'm still trying to get to grips with the windows 8 concept of effectively having two completely separate OSes in one... desktop and metro... so I installed evernote from the evernote website, and carefully copied across my evernote database from my old machine so that I didn't have to sync the whole thing down from the cloud.... worked nicely... then I thought I'd try installing evernote from the MS app store thing... and that seems to be the Metro evernote... what is more when I fire that up, it doesn't read my existing evernote database from the same location as the desktop version, and instead seems to be syncing the whole blessed database back down from the cloud to a separate location locally... I must admit that this is all highly confusing, not evernote's fault but the whole windows 8 thing is confusing... should I use the metro app or the desktop app?? If I like to dip into both, is it possible for them to share the same local database?? Thanks for reading this very long paragraph.

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Unfortunately they can't use the same database. The app from the Windows Store is sandboxed and lives in its own little world (so to speak). That app is also brand spanking new, so it's not as mature or feature rich as the Desktop version we've come to know and love.

That being said, I think it also depends on what world you use more often. If you're exclusively using the desktop side of things, stick with the desktop app. If you love the new style, enjoying the new touch interactions and on a tablet of some sort, you'll probably end up mostly using Windows Store apps.

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I appreciate the helpful and straightforward reply [aaargh why can't I put in line breaks??].... I can see how the new windows store evernote app would work well on a touch screen, but mine is a plain old (or new) desktop. So I think I'll just uninstall the app and stick with the desktop evernote I know and love. And then I'll try to work out how to switch off this metro type thing in windows 8 and just have the desktop interface. It's driving me mad having two separate UIs and not really know what to do where!

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Sorry I'll stop that now. Anyways, if you don't like the new fangled Metro side then yeah, you can ignore it. Personally, I like it. I think it's a little rough around the edges now and needs some loving, but I think it'll get there. For tasks that require dual monitors and multiple windows, I'll probably stay on the desktop side, but I can see that there are sometimes when I can get behind the "content first, absolutely minimal chrome" philosophy. If you look at some of the Ted Talks apps, they aren't all great in quality but it makes sense to me to have that format if I want to watch videos or a series of videos.

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Any plans to move more functionality to the Evernote app from the Windows store version?

I'm using Windows RT and its really frustrating that it's not even as good as the Evernote app in my nexus 7

Definitely. Launch is just the beginning

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