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(Archived) Evernote on Kindle Fire SD won't sync.


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I am a Premium user and have Evernote on all my devices. Just got a Kindle Fire HD (my original Kindle died). I installed Evernote, sync fails at 1%. I created a notebook and notes on the Fire HD and can do everything except sync. It always fails at 1 %. Any ideas?



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I am user of free evernote. I am in the testing phase to see if I want to continue or upgrade to the paid service.

I am having issues with synchronization across my devices. I have a Kindle Fire, Dell XP driven computer. Sometimes synchronization works OK but must of the times I will get a synchronization failed message. I create notes on both devices but synchronization is a big issue as I do must of my work on the weekends on my desktop (because it is easier) and find that the desktop work is not coming across to my Kindle Fire, which I use during primarily during the work week. This is a significant issue to me as the biggest value for me is the capability of synchronization of the devices.



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Have you gotten any further with this? I opened a ticket with Evernote and thier response was:

"We think your issue may be related to you sharing a note with someone and then deleting that note, but it still being in your trash. Two solutions exist: you can empty you trash entirely, but note that doing this permanently deletes your notes; or restoring the shared note and trying to sync once more."

I have no shared notes, but did empty my trash. My Kindle Fire HD still fails sync at 1%. My other devices (Desktop, Toshiba Excite 10 tablet, Razor smartphone) all continue to sync fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote (Kindle Fire version) twice. I have yet to get a sucessful sync with the Kindle Fire HD.

Could you open a ticket with Evernote with your problem? It might help them figue this out. I'll post any solution I find here.


I miss understood the reply from Evernote. Go to the Evernote on your computer and find the TRASH within that Evernote client. Empty that trash and force a sync. Now go to your Kindle Fire and sync it. I had to do a restart on my Fire HD first, but it is now syncing fine. Hope this helps.


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I have a Kindle Fire HD and I have NO items in my trash. I've restarted my kindle and tried to sync and all it tells me is that the sync failed. This is the second time I've gone to a meeting, taken notes using Evernote on my Kindle Fire HD and it won't sync. 

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@jimscott97: have you reset your password yet? If not, that may be the answer.


If you have reset your password, then you can try going into Settings / Support and doing a Send Log. You can make an Evernote note; complete the action using "Evernote - Create Note". This will put a copy of your log into an Evernote note as a .zip file. You should be able to examine this in a text editor. If nothing's clicking at that point, open a support request -- see the link in my signature. They'll probably want to see the activity log.

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