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(Archived) Note links in notes

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There's a feautre i feel we all need in Evernote: Links within our notes to other notes.

That way we can interlink our notes, the same way Wikipedia articles can link to eachother (with specific text being a link to another article) and thereby have severate simpler notes we can relate to each other, instead of longwinded ones.

It'll make browsing and writing more easy.

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Note links already exist. IDK what platforms they have been rolled out on, but they are out there on the Windows client (and have been for a while, now).

(Which is why it's also helpful to note the client(s) you're using, when posting.)

Oh, sorry, I'm completely new here.

I'm using the Android and Web client. And the only kind of link i can make are to website, but not to other notes.

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