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Feature Request: Web clipper- show notebook stacks & option for creating new note book



Would be very helpful if evernote webclipper has the following options:

1. Show notebook stacks and notebooks (are only currently shown) in the drop down menu ( in the same hierarchy as the evernote web)

2. Have options in the clipper to create a new note book or notebook stack with a new web-clip!

waiting to see these changes in the recent updates in evernote web clipper for chrome!!!

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Moreover when you have a lot of notebooks, remembering the precise name or starting word of the notebook is difficult.(which helps finding notebooks by keying in the starting word in the browser plugin)

If the stacks are shown, it will make finding of notebooks very fast. I really get overwhelmed with the list of notebooks which is shown in the clipper plugin, all arranged alphabetically!!

I always have to go back to evernote software/ evernote web to find the exact name of the notebook from the stacks and key in the exact name in the browser plugin to find the notebook in which i want to save the webpage!

Its really a clumsy and time wasting process, making life difficult!

And as Pietschy mentioned, if we have two note books of the same name under different stacks, it will surely make the plugin useless!

EVERNOTE please incorporate these changes in the future updates of WEB Clipper!!!!

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