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(Archived) A preemptive plea about v5 on Android


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Please don't use the same visual style as iOS for whatever v5 ends up being on Android. What you have going on Android is innovative for that platform. You've got folks copying your UI, which means it's working.

I'm begging: please don't change the Android drawer to match iOS. Android's look is much better than iOS's and it fits Android much better than the "hanging file folders" UI would.


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I really wish that the Android version cared just as much for for those with heavy tag-usage.

I sort my tags in trees as it is crucial for me to navigate and to see which tags that fit together, and a lot of my tags (1000+) are spread out through the tree but still have a neccesary similar wording in the first 20 letters, which makes them visually unseparateble from other tags on the Android platform.

The Evernote platform has a major advantage in it's tag implementation, but it is obviously not prioritized in the Android version.

At this point you can slide the 'note view' so that this fills up the whole screen, but I would just as much like to be able to have an accessable view which shows just all your notebooks in one view, and another view with just all the tags, similar to the new iOS version. This was once possible also for Android, but was removed when Evernote for Android was optimized for Honeycomb...

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