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(Archived) problem with tag auto-complete

Tim F 101


The first time I entered a tag for the category 'STORM', an acronym for a new microscope technique, I mis-capitalized it and entered sTORM. Since caps are an important part of tagging (at least as I understand it) I deleted it and tried to enter STORM instead, but every time I do that Evernote tries to auto-complete sTORM for me, and entering any other type of capitalization does not 'take'. The word just disappears when I press enter. Any ideas?

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Never mind, I figured out how to delete tags. However, auto-complete seems to have firm and idiosyncratic opinions about capitalizing the first letters of a new tag. Switching it to upper or lower case seems to take an annoying a kludgy work-around.

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I agree that this is annoying behavior. If you had wanted to add a tag called 'storage' it would keep making you use STOR in caps...

Obviously don't want to delete STORM...so is there a solution for this? Feature fix to turn off this behavior EN?

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No, It doesn't affect searching on Mac - it is a little annoying that it demands the cap setting that had been previously used when inputting the Tag, however I found that I can just rename the Tags to what I want pretty easily.

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jefito, capitalization only makes a difference when I need to sort through dozens of tags in a hurry. I use capitalization to distinguish between acronyms, general nouns and proper names. In science people can get very cute with acronyms, so sometimes it's very important to know that you're looking for a RING domain protein and not a ring per se.

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So are you saying that you want case-sensitive tag list sorting, or case-insensitive sorting? I think that in general, Evernote tries to take case out of the equation, as it's easier on most people.

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I am quite new to this but I have the same problem. I find it a big waste of time to rename tags afterwards. I want to type in what I want, not having to rename afterwards. I do not want to think for the program, I want it the other way round. I started to use Evernote to gain time, not waste it on capitals.


It is my individual choice to sometimes opt for a capital and sometimes not. I like to have that freedom without any time wasting.


I don't have this problem on my Windows platform.

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