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(Archived) Favorites As Default Behavior/List View

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Using Evernote on an iPhone.

I want all my notes to be favorites, is there a setting I can change that would permit notes to be created as favorites by default?

Is there a way to set the main list view to be only one line instead of three plus a picture per note so I can see more notes on the screen. Maybe the list looks like this?

Foo Note Today

Bar Note 9/12/08


If these options do not exist currently I'd like to add them to your already lengthy list of requested features. But don't work on these before you get real offline access solved.

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Without knowing how Evernote works in detail, I could guess that making a simple option "Make all content in Notebook XY a favourite" would be easier to achieve than synchronisation.

I second both feature requests you mentioned above, the list view with one line would save a lot of space.

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