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(Archived) can't make the evernote clipper work in Safari


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I've installed the add on and adjusted my privacy settings to allow third party cookies. I still get the error message:

Your browser's preferences conflict with the Evernote extension. Try restoring Evernote's Privacy Content settings to the defaults: allow local data to be set and do NOT block third party cookies. Consider disabling other third party extensions.

I can't find a way to adjust the "allow local data to be set" part. The only other extensions I have are DevonThink and markerto.

Can anyone help? :unsure:

EDIT: Never mind, I fixed it!

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I installed the extension yesterday and it appears to work: EN 3.3.1; OS 10.8.2

I have 4 other extensions but they do not appear to conflict.

Suggestion: repair permissions, delete EN extension, download and reinstall

good luck

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