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(Archived) Evernote 5 Language Option Missing / German Translation Error



Hi Evernote team,

I'm loving v5, but I'd like to be able to switch Evernote back to English as was possible in earlier versions. Either I am missing something or it was omitted this time?

On a side note, your German translation has an error:


"Tastenkombinationen" is incorrect in this context, it means "keyboard shortcuts". I assume the translator got a file of strings and had to translate "Shortcuts" out of context? No worries, I've been there before. Most current apps (Firefox, Opera ) are going with the term "Schnellwahl" for their shortcut features, so you might want to use that instead.

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Hi Evernote team,

same problem for me: I would like to change back Evernote 5 for OsX language to English.

I've just downloaded the new version, and now my client is in Italian: I'm Italian, but some of the translations are wrong ('notebook' gets translated as 'taccuino' in most of the app, and that's right, but on the sidebar is 'LibriNote', which is wrong and very disappointing to look at).

Also, in the options pane 'Formatazione' should be 'Formattazione'.

Moreover, as Italian translations are usually longer than English commands, some parts of the UI look odd.

Please tell us how to change the client language to English.

Thank you.


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Hi there,

I'm having the same issue. Evernote in my macbook pro is in brazilian portuguese and the translation is horrible. I wan't to change to english now instead of waiting until improvements are applied.



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Same issue, although I like to be able to change it back and forth as I work with people in English and need to show them how to use the program for work and it's hard to do that when my copy is in French. Please fix this issue :)

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On a Mac go to System Preferences in OS X. Select Languages and text. Move English in the list of preferred languages to the top spot. Go out of System Preferences. Quit Evernote, restart Evernote, and all menu's should be back to English.

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Thanks for the help.

Just for the record, I would like to inform that the Swedish translation is totally screwed up as well! Same features have many different names on different places in the GUI, many of them are incorrect etc. And just to inform you US. software guys: Here in Sweden, almost anyone knows english very well, so translation for our market is generally totelly unneccesary. If the choice is between english and bad / inconsistent swedish, we'll go for english any day.

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