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Long time user, 1st time poster: Evernote bullet lists needs to be fixed NOW

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Hearing over the years from Evernote, "Really, you have problems with bullet points? Can you describe the issue?"


.... it feels as if bullet points must have been banned at Evernote offices :)


Otherwise - really? Evernote people have never experienced the double bullet point on a single line?! Never experienced hitting return at the end of a bullet-pointed list and not getting a new one at all?


To me this is the biggest mystery in all of this :)



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Evernote people have never experienced the double bullet point on a single line?! 

Just tried the web interface to see if bugs have been fixed there. Got a triple bullet point on the same line within 5 minutes ... cool... unless you want to do productive work.


However, the "Evernote for Windows (276665) Public" that I am using has fixed some bugs with bullets. With care and a bit of experience it may be possible to avoid the remaining bugs ... time will tell. So far I have been unable to reproduce the multi-bullet point madness of earlier versions :-(

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Hi Derek, please try our latest windows beta. This issue should be resolved there!


I have tried the latest release of Evernote Windows (276665) and the issues I had with the bullet cut/paste have been resolved.  Thanks for addressing this issue, it's a great help to productivity.

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Another long time user here and not so long ago premium user as well. Since I started using Evernote for windows I always had and still have problems with bullet points. It's really annoying and I don't really see how Evernote Dev team keeps failing to address this issue, considering all the users are requesting this fix. Just a few minutes ago I emailed a note to one of my colleagues, and the resulting email was a mess. All the bullet points and format was missing, and each bullet point had one extra empty bullet on top of it. I was really hoping to see that bug gone with the latest update. Such a continuous disappointment. 

Evernote Team please fix this, it's been 4 years and still counting and the issue still persist! Do you even take user feedback into account? you definitely should.

Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and and use it all day, every day to take work notes and reminders. But this really needs to get fixed, we rely in formatting to organize our notes, messing the format when sharing/copy&pasting/emailing is not acceptable at all.

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Whenever I include a checkbox in a tiered bullet, the tiered format gets destroyed when I open a note to edit in the android mobile app. It sends all the tiered bullet checkboxes to the left margin as soon I click edit. That ruins the workflow lists I use for project management. Super frustrating as a power/premium user. 

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Is there any way to easily reorder bullet point lists?

In MS Word, it is a super-simple Shortcut - Shift+Alt+Arrow Up to move a bullet point up by one instance.

Is there anything similar in Evernotes? Otherwise, PLEASE implement, this is a major productivity killer otherwise.

Many thanks in advance.


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I can't copy a bulleted or numbered list and then even paste into another evernote note without the formatting disappearing. Even with paste special, even with paste and match formatting over an identical list. the numbered or bulleted format disappears. I'm up to date with 6.9.

Is it possible that this is still a bug? or have a just missed something massive? 

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Do we have a fix for the bullet point issue yet? This has been driving me nuts forever, and frankly I value my free time too much to keep manually cleaning up notes several times per day when I email them to my team.

Is this something that can be fixed, or should I just take the plunge and move to OneNote?

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I just read the first post of this thread, and mind you he could have written it right now in January 2017.

Evernote Web (the good old version) keeps reformatting my unordered lists to one level only which is extremely annoying as all hierarchy gets lost.

I still have access to the properly formatted previous history of the note, but even if I create a brand new note and paste the good version in it gets reformatted the next time I open it.

Evernote, get this fixed ASAP!

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I am a new evernote user as of yesterday, so this is my first post. I am using Evernote on the web. I didn't see how to undo the bullet list so I could fix it or start over, so I went searching for help and ended up here. My complaints would only be repeating what others have said about the bullet list. What I find shocking is that this has been going on for at least 4 years when the original post on this thread started, and apparently for some time before that. That is definitely not a vote of confidence.

Someone said - maybe three years ago - that the fix is harder than it looks. Perhaps. But 3-4 years? You make it seem like fixing this is harder than creating the whole program to begin with! Clearly this is simply not a priority to management - or perhaps they've given up but don't want to tell anyone. Either way, a piss poor way to treat both product and customer.

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I contacted Evernote, and the info I received was that the old version is no longer supported, so there won't be a fix.

So I hesitantly switched to the new version, and I must say after using it for two weeks now I haven't had any issues with lists. I've restored some of the notes that had lost indentation and so far they keep it.

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