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(Archived) My dream guy, Skitch, has lost appeal since he became besties with Evernote :(


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My name is Mackenna (you can call me Mac for short).

I have loved Skitch for years- he was so handsome and did so much for me like a good partner would. But a short while ago, he became really good friends with a girl named Evernote. (She has a pretty name, doesn't she?) I really like her too. We studied well together, and she came over and helped me a lot to get my stuff organized. I have to say I have been grateful to know her.

Something is going on between the two of them, though, that has me worried. Suddenly Skitch is not looking as hot as he used to. Our relationship used to be so easy. We had fun and got so much done together.

Now he is doing far less for me. He won't adapt to my needs and isn't coming through the way he used to.

What happened to all the variety we used to have when we visited the fontroom? I used to see colors when he took me out, but now I am stuck with boring old choices and no adaptability. He's changed! We've lost our spark.

I sure wish the old Skitch was back. I think Evernote is moving in.

I need some advice. Do you think Skitch can ever be the guy he used to be for me? I might have to give him the heave-ho if he doesn't try harder. Sad, because I loved him so much.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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