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(Archived) Is there any way to mass import photos/videos to Evernote and keep their created date as Note created date?

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I currently keep most of photos and videos organised in Picasa, but I'm looking into moving at least some of the most important ones to Evernote because it's just going to make them easier to access.

I'd like to add some of my photos and vids (at least about couple thousands) to Evernote and it's important that their metadata such as created date is retained so I could sort and review them by date. Is there any way to do it? I know I can just import them from a folder and then manually edit created date of each note, one by one, but that's not practical.

I could edit hundreds of notes manually if I absolutely have to, but not thousands. It would be very nice to automate the process. I mean files already have created date so there should be some way to automatically add it to Notes as created dates.

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IDK about other OSEs, but I'd guess there are a few apps/DOS batch files that can append the created due to the file name. Here's one thread: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/tech-talk/572936-looking-freeware-append-file-creation-date-filename.html

If you get that part done, then you can just pop them into an import folder & the file name becomes the note title.

Great idea! Total commander would do it.

Created date in the title is not as good as "created Note date" because it will lack advanced search functionality but it'd still work for sorting notes.

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