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(Archived) Not showing certain notebooks

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I wonder if anyone can help me.

I use Evernote for pretty much everything (university notes, personal notes, blogging, shopping lists, sketchbook etc) and I love it. My entire life is in there and it works great.

But I am starting a new job in a weeks time and I want to use Evernote at work. However, many of my notebooks contain information that isn't safe for work (pictures etc) as well as confidential information.

Is it possible to use Evernote Web and block all but one notebook from opening on a certain machine? I ONLY want to access the notebook I have designated as being work safe, the rest I don't want to get thumbnails, content or anything from while on my work machine. At the moment it opens with 'all notes' as default - is it possible to change this? I'd rather all the thumbnails didn't get cached on my work machine.

Is this possible at all? Please tell me it is.

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Hi @CharlotteM - well, it is and it isn't...

If you log into your current account from your work computer, there's no way to avoid the full set of notebooks being 'available' - so some material will be downloaded whatever you select. If you have a new work email address, you could (from a free account) 'share' a notebook with your other self and send information to it via your current Evernote email address, or (from a premium account) give your work self full editing rights and have (relatively) normal access. If you're a premium user you could also set up a new free additional account for this work use only. Hope that helps.

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