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(Archived) How can I continue to upload photos directly to Skitch?


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I'm not sure how this simple product was made so difficult - all I want is something that can take screenshots, upload them and give me a link to share with other people. Now when I click "Share" I get a popup saying "Skitch sharing has moved to Evernote" Even if true how do I upload things now?

Is there a way I can still upload things to Skitch? Do old versions of the app still work?

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I have a similar problem. I am very new to Skitch but i've recently become an Evernote premium customer.

What I don't like and what I would like to change if possible is the ability to upload an image, get a URL to share but food not to appear as an Evernote note. I have done a few sharing actions recently and all of a sudden my Evernote inbox is flooded with useless screen grabs. The problem is, if I delete them from ever note then the forums they were embedded on the. Not impressed really but I would like are there to be a solution.

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Adam, there's not a quick way to do that with Skitch 2. You have a number of options for sharing with Skitch 1, however -- and a number of features that were removed in v2, as well.

Something I've done in Skitch 1 can be done as well in Skitch 2: export the image to your Dropbox folder, then get a public link to the file.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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