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(Archived) Apple-Script broken in V5 beta1 ?



Updated to V5 beta1 and found most of my AppleScripts do not work any more. :-(

After investigating I found that:

set query string of window 1 to "my query text"

throws an error -10000, although a collection window is open in Evernote.

open collection window with query string "my query text"

works but opens a new window on each query. :-/

Any help how to do a search within an open window via AppleScript is appreciated.

If it is a bug with no existing workaround , I hope you fix it asap.


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Thanks for reporting it! We're on it!

It looks like the "find notes" command also is a bit broken (note: this is also in beta 2). I can successfully search for tags, but searching with specific notebooks doesn't work.


find notes
"notebook:receipts -tag:archived"

Will return notes in all notebooks and not only ones in receipts.

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