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Feature Request - Windows - Printing - Page Breaks and Page Numbers

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I primarily use Windows desktop app; also web Interface, browser extensions, and Android app. Use for professional and personal. Happy premium subscriber.

Feature Requests for printing from Windows

1) Ability to insert page breaks manually. The print preview window seems to be an ideal place from which to do this, but within the note would work too.

2) Ability to add simple page numbering upon printing.

Thank you

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I wish to add my voice to this request.


If only for page numbers, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we have page numbering on printing a note.


I have some long documents and in WORD I would include the document title in the header and have Page # of ## in the footer so if the pages get mixed I can always sort them out.


Without this feature, I would normally have to reprint the whole document again!


It is a simple thing; if not the page header then PLEASE at least give us the Page Numbers

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Absolutely to both of the above. 


I would see the line break feature in presentation working like a page break should: users should insert that same (or a similar) line or mark to indicate a new page on the pdf. It would also be nice if:


1. the pdf could be edited like in Preview.

2. A Table of Contents note could function as an actual, linked TOC in a pdf. Those are incredible for clients and other teammates.


Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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Really wishing for an option to include page-numbers when printing, too.


But I think that won't come?
It is a feeling that updates are coming with features that are like.. okay. But long wished features like page numbering when printing, better formatting options when editing and (please finally) a dark theme for the eye hurting writer (call it colorblind mode, make black white and white black, put it in the optional features or so)

Sorry for being salty... I was looking for that features and find requests dating back to 2011 and it seems they wont be implemented.

Sometime it are the small things that counts

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54 minutes ago, Tom Taste said:

But I think that won't come?
It is a feeling that updates are coming with features that are like.. okay.

You might check the feedback forum and add your vote to the feature request.
For example, this post https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67867-request-printing-notes-with-page-numbers/?do=findComment&comment=304867

There are reasons for not implementing some requests, but its often a question of priorities.


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