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(Archived) Total note count in Evernote 5 Beta for MAC missing

Scott Adelman


I recently upgraded to Evernote 5 for MAC and actually like the new UI. The only thing I cannot seem to find is the total note count. Since I work across multiple computers I frequently use this to make sure EN is up to date. On the left (black) column next to the Notes icon I was expecting to see the total note count in parenthesis. Not there. However, in the middle column, if I choose to group by category I can see sub counts of notes in each group but again no total note count. Has the total note count been left off of EN 5 for MAC? If so I would vote for it to be restored.

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Please put note counts back and let me scroll with my arrow keys through the list of notebooks. IMHO, it's fine to add new features and make the app look better, but don't remove existing features that people actually use.

I totally agree.

People write tons of code to add features, and then they are dropped from the new release! NOOOOOOOO! We are using these features!

And please put back the customizable toolbar!

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