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Delete Note: No Warning, and Undo does not work: Fail

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Edit: My bad, I did not see the Trash - please ignore this thread - or better still delete it!

There is no warning on deleting an entire Note ... and no way to get it back using Undo.

When the keyboard focus is on a note entry in a notebook, in other words you are highlighted on an individual note in the list (either List view or Snippet view for example), and you accidentally press the Delete key, the note is gone *puff*

Edit Undo does not work.

The "Note > Restore" remains grayed out (disabled) - not sure what this is meant to do.

The note is irretrievably gone.

Could we please have:

* a warning before deleting a note - and possibly an option controlling that for those that don't want it

* Edit Undo should work

Thank you

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Okay, for the benefit of the next person who thinks what I did, look in the Trash.

I had the "Left Panel" turned off to get more width on this screen, and just navigating using the Notebooks dropdown.

In that scenario, I could not see the Trash.

Mods, please delete this thread.


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Hi David,

It can be left up, I am sure, since there may be people with a similar situation and it will help them. :)

I use a similar layout, with the left panel hidden, and make use of the menu options for the Favourites bar. Are you aware you can pin the trash to it?(along with notes/notebooks/searches or even their top level to form a dropdown menu)


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I am having exactly this issue and I did think to look for the Trash - only I can't find it! (This is on the Evernote Mac desktop app.)


It's not in the left panel, and a cntl-click brings up the option to display things, but no trash (see image.)


I'm sure it's obvious, but please help.


Also, the reason I accidentally deleted said note was I accidentally added a reminder ... when I went to delete the reminder it deleted the whole note. Could not find a way to remove the reminder.


I've been happy with Evernote but today am not finding the interface intuitive...






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Update: I did finally find the Trash but it's mixed in with all the other notebooks and easy to miss.


I can move it to the left sidebar by dragging it to my shortcuts, but I'll leave this post up as a suggestion that Evernote (Mac) might want to make this appear by default on the left (with the other icons) or at least as a contextual menu option to have it appear there.


In other words, make it easier to find :)



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Thanks for leaving this up. 


HOWEVER, I think it's worth all of us asking Evernote to add an option (in Preferences, on a Mac, for example) to create an "Are you sure you want to delete this Note?" warning before we delete any Note or Notebook. Once or twice, I deleted a note accidentally, and it took me a few weeks to notice the error. 


This is a common courtesy within most software, and partially because you could lose data.

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