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(Archived) automatic syncing and loss of data

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I'm new to evernote because I wanted a product that would sync my notes up somewhere online, and I just couldn't get the apple notes/icloud to work. Basically I'm just wondering what happens if for some reason my notes are deleted from my phone (like if it's in for repair and everything gets wiped out) will it update the website and delete them there, too? If I understand the app correctly it seems to update the data online as soon as a change is made in a note on my phone, and vice versa. I don't keep anything vital in my notes, just handy everyday lists and stuff, but it would be a pain if they got deleted. thank you!

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If you erase the whole notes application - for example they have to reinstall your phone from scratch - you don't lose anything, because all your notes are stored on Evernote's servers.

If you delete an individual Note, using the Del key or some similar method, it goes into the Trash (as I just found out). You can restore it from there if you need to. Next time you synch, that action - moving to the Trash etc - will be mirrored to Evernote's servers.

You can also backup your entire Evernote database on your PC or Mac if you have one.

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