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(Archived) 3 hotkey bugs

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I am having issues with custom hotkeys.

1) Custom hotkey for screen capture reverts itself back to "printscr" button. I like to use win+print screen. When I set it it works fine but restarting EN reverts itself back to normal prntscrn.

2) Win+Shift+A is not working as custom global hotkey and this is the one I like to use.


3) I was actually using win+A for global clipper. But couple times milisecs after invoking win+A forced my computer to a restart. It is nto a crash, it forced windows for a restart and closed all the applications

I am under win xp64 and using the latest EN to this date.

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While Evernote isn't supported on 64-bit Windows XP, it should work ok. You may want to try uninstalling Evernote completely and reinstall it.

In particular, nothing that our clipper does should cause a reboot.

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It seems like you are saying that this feature is not working on your computer, and your computer is running 64-bit xp?

This may be the source of the problem, but you could try uninstalling and reinstalling.

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What I am wondering is that if these are confirmed bugs or confirmed non-bugs. I am having hardtime figuring out through your replies. When you said "it should work", it does not really refer any particular issue I have posted. Are you saying that you have looked at all those 3 issues and you are not getting any of the buggy effects I am having here?

The thing is if EN is having issues with 64bit registry then it should not save or remember any setting at all. I can finely set win+c as clipboard copy and EN remembers it at all times. But it does not remember win+printscreen. I need to set it everytime I restart EN.

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I'm sorry because I have the same problem with custom hot key.

Like "questioner", I have to change the custom hot key to Win + PrintScr every time I start Evernote. To me, it's so annoying, because I have to use the PrintScr key much for my job.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit version. Tried to re-install Evernote for few times but nothing changed!

BTW, I have the same idea with poster in this topic

I use Firefox add-on WebClipper. When my Windows starts, I start Firefox3 firstly, surf the web, find something interesting, select them and click EN button, but the EN starts with the message: "Evernote isn't ready to receive clips. Make sure database is open and try again". So I must click EN button again to add web notes to EN. I think it's quite annoying, too.

Hope that these issues will be fixed soon.

Thank you!

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i thought i had the same custom hotkey problem. but then i checked mine again and i realized that after i changed my clipper option from printsrc to reg+Win, hit ok. option window closed. but when i reopen the option window right away again, it's restore back to check the printsrc option. however, the setting seems to be working. i can use reg+win to clip. and printsrc not clipping with EN, although the settings showed so.

reinstalling doesn't solve this bug.

my system: Vista ultimate 32bit. i'm also using Gadwin PrintScreen 4.3 and set printsrc key to use Gadwin to capture screen.

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