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Restore article from Trash in iOS?

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This is my first post to the forum.

On my iPod Touch, I accidentally deleted an article. I found it in the Trash folder, but according to Evernote support, all I need to do is:

"If you think you may have accidentally deleted a note and would like to "undelete" the note, follow these steps:

  • In your Evernote client, browse to the bottom of the Notebooks list and you'll see the Trash
  • Locate the note you'd like to restore and click "Restore Note". Note that this will place the note back in the notebook in which it resided before being deleted."

The problem is that there is no "Restore Note" button in the iOS app.

How do I restore an item from Trash to a folder in the iOS app?


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Hi Fred,

If you're using EN5, I'd agree that it's a little counter-intuitive to restore a note from the Trash—it took me a little while to find it too. Do this:

  • Tap on the note in the Trash "notebook"
  • Pull the note down to reveal the search field and Trash icon
  • Tap the Trash icon and confirm you want to "Restore note"

It's now back in the original notebook you deleted it from. If there's another, more obvious, way, I haven't found it yet :-)


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Thanks for that Peter. I played around for a good 10 minutes trying to figure that one out and failed. I figured I could restore a "deleted" note from the trash on my desktop app but really needed/wanted to know how to do it in the field as that is where I discovered my inadvertantly trashed note in the first place.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot to gripe to Evernote! :-) 


Not particularly intuitive a method pressing/touching/clicking on a trash can to "untrash" something. I would have preferred having checkmark capabilities on notes in the trash and an "edit" functionality similar to photos, email etc where I could check some notes then perform an action on the group (or single) notes like permanently delete or restore. I think this is much more logical. Hold down on a note for a while and the dreaded "x" appears and you can delete it for good from the trash. I think the obverse alternatives, DELETE/RESTORE would be a good update.

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Peter thanks so much for posting this!  The UI for this product is really lacking - I don't know what the product managers / UX staff are thinking over there, but this is a horrible design decision for how to restore a deleted note!  Ugh.

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