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(Archived) Nexus 7 New Note Landscape Layout Issues and Possible Solutions


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The new Evernote for Android has a few display issues on my nexus 7 in landscape mode. The attached screenshot shows how there is almost no room for content at all in landscape mode (just 3 lines of text). This is quite unfortunate since I need to take notes in landscape often on my Nexus 7 and I have trouble knowing what I've just written. I can think of a couple of suggestions to fix this:

  1. Put the formatting bar up top where there is a large white space next to the check bar. In landscape mode there's plenty of room for this horizontally, and no vertical room for the extra bars.
  2. Put the top bar along the side when in landscape view. There's nothing there that couldn't be contained in a vertical bar along the side. Ubuntu does this with the side bar in Unity, recognizing that with a 16:9 aspect ratio it makes sense to use some of the 16 rather than the 9 for non-content-related things.
  3. Allow the hiding or collapsing of the attachments bar. One single attachment, which I don't need constant access to, is taking up a large chunk of usable space. Being able to collapse that would give me an extra couple of lines to play with.
  4. A "Hide All" button. This would hide everything including the title, except the actual text and a small button to toggle "Hide All" mode back off. This way you get to absolutely maximize the available space for typing, which you really need in landscape mode on Android.
  5. The Ultimate (combining all of the above): Formatting bar as a vertical bar on the left, top bar as a vertical bar on the right, with the ability to toggle attachment view on and off, with a "Hide all" mode to go completely full screen on text body when desired.

It would be great to see these features introduced into Evernote for Android - my Nexus 7 and I eagerly await more text body!


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Hi dtenorman,

So, I think that Evernote are going with a more standard look that fits in with the Android style. (That big bar on the top is an example)

I have noticed a similar thing on my tablet, I don't know if we used to have more space, but it certainly feels as though it is a little more busy now.

1. You probably know this already, but you can hide the formatting bar by tapping on the arrow on the end. This should free up some space.

Those buttons were up at the top initially, however they were moved because the Android menu that shows when you select text would show on top of it. (Meaning that you couldn't apply formatting to selected text. Not sure if it would even be possible to override that to show it...)

2. Again with the theme thing, I guess that having it on the side would be an idea :)

3. This is one that I really would love to see. I haven't really noticed it before now, but since you mention it, it is actually quite a lot of wasted space. We could gain quite a bit of space from that if it were to be moved somehow (or collapsible). Just don't hide it too well!

4/5. Nice idea, I guess finding the balance between everything is something that Evernote will need to work on some more still :)


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