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Can I change fujitsu snapscan profile in mid-scan?


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Here's the problem: I am scanning a huge pile of documents (hundreds of pages) as "simplex" profile ie: one sided only. When this scan ends I have the option to either end the scan entirely or add some more pages to be scanned. If I end the scan it will generate a file and I'm done. However, what if I want to add 10 more pages to this scan but in a different profile ie: duplex, color etc? I would like to append these 10 to the huge scan that's just finished without having to scan them seperately and generate another file. Is there a way of changing snapscan's parameter's in "mid-scan" before the file is generated?

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Not as far as I know. If you have PDF editing software it's reasonably trivial to import extra pages from a second file into the first - or you could simply name the two files something relevant and put them in the same note. But once ScanSnap starts a scan, the only ways to change the settings is to save what you've got and start over.

It also occurs to me that my PDF editing software allows me to specify pages for deletion, so you could always scan the whole thing in Duplex, relying on ScanSnap to ignore blank pages, and then process the completed file in Thumbnail view deleting the pages you don't need.

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