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(Archived) Better Evernote Integration


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I've been keeping a pad of stickeynotes by my phone at my desk with a pen jotting down notes while on phone calls for the past several years. Lately I've replaced the stickynotes with my iPad, Penultimate and a stylus. I love that I can jot down notes and of course send them right to Evernote to get at on my computer later, but there is SO much room for improvement First off- why do I have to re-send my designated notebook back to Evernote? Why can't I just sync my Penultimate notebook with my designated Evernote notebook? As it stands now when you send a notebook to Evernote if it already exists (which it does) it replaces the entire notebook (removes all of the older notes, and replaces them with all the notes again) Nothing is lost and it works, but it just seems VERY inefficient. This also puts every note back up into the top of my notes list when sorted by "Last updated" Why not just send the difference and add/update the changed/new note?

I'm willing to live with the manual syncing, but it would be also handy of this sync'd automatically with EN too. It would make sense as Penultimate IS an Evernote product after all.


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I agree that something needs to be done with syncing between Penultimate and Evernote. I am anxiously (and impatiently) awaiting a full rewrite of how notebooks are stored. I would like to see the notebooks in Penultimate become notebooks in Evernote and each page is a note. Adding a solution to group a range of pages as one note would also be fantastic (perhaps adding up and down paging for multipage single notes and left right paging for new notes in the notebook). This would work great for me as I take Calculus notes where single problems can take multiple pages and I am sure other topics would require multiple pages as well. I use Evernote for all my school notes when I can type and penultimate when I have to write, adding a better sync and a few other functionality improvements would be wonderful. I don't want or need too many features like other note taking applications, I like the limited simplicity that Penultimate offers because it lets me focus on taking notes instead of fiddling around with formatting. Just some thoughts. I cannot wait for a great update!

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