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(Archived) Printing - A List of Notes

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I would like to be able to highlight a selection of notes in the Desktop Application, and then print that listing. Right now, the only way to print a list of notes (vs. the individual notes) is to take a screen capture using another utility and then print from there.

If you are trying to track a project, it's often very handy to be able to print a list of the project steps for team discussion.


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OK - when you've selected the notes you want:

  1. Add random tag eg "print note" to those notes
  2. search for tag:"print note"
  3. highlight all notes in list view
  4. copy and paste to any word processor
  5. print list
  6. kill tag


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Yep - that's about what I'm doing now, except I'm using a screen capture utility instead of a word-processor. That's an 8 step process. It should really be ( 1 ) highlight notes, ( 2 ) Select Print.

Right now if you highlight notes and select print, it prints each individual note. Perhaps a simple option on the print dialog that says: Print as List ?

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Depends on what you want to capture.

For me, all I need are the Note titles, so I do the following

  1. Right click on the Notes (from the search result) and select "Copy note links"
  2. Paste the titles (with active links) into a new note

To jazz it up a bit, before printing, I format the list as bullet points

Here is an example (I removed the active links)


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Ran across this, thought I'd contribute for anyone else looking:


 If you select multiple Notes in the list view (as the first poster, Guy K, has done in his attached screenshot) they paste nicely into Excel (or, presumably, your spreadsheet program of choice).  This makes them very easy to sort and format for presentation purposes.

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