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(Archived) Business card feature suggestion

James B

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I've seen many posts asking if Evernote has a business card solution that will put the information from a card into fields.

I know IOS has an app now that will link to Evernote to do this but I haven't seen anything for Android.

I would like to suggest to Evernote to simplify this whole process by adding data type recognition into their picture OCR process, the OCR already works great by making the names and phone numbers and address info searchable, well all that needs to be added is for Evernote to recognize when a string of #'s is a phone # and make it where you can touch the picture on the phone # spot and it activates the dialer, touching the address would activate maps and touching an email address would activate the mail function. This would eliminate the need for a separate business card app, I would only need an app to make the information on a card actionable. Evernote has done the hard part of recognizing characters from the image, validating those characters into phone #'s, addresses and emails should be levels of magnitudes easier.

Please consider adding this functionality. It could also be useful for other images for instance if it was a receipt it might have a phone # and if you needed to call the business you could touch the phone # portion of the receipt.

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There's a big difference in what I'm proposing than Evernote Hello and that difference is time and convenience. If I run into an old friend in the store and ask for his business card, with my suggestion I can just snap the pic of it with the Evernote widget and be on my way but with Evernote Hello he or I have to manually enter name, email, phone, address, etc. That's a huge time and convenience difference. If I just take a pic of his business card and clicking the phone # will call him, clicking the address will map to him, clicking his email address will email him and clicking his website will bring up his site in the browser then that is all I need. I could even take a pic of him and attach to the note as well similar to Evernote Hello. The other difference is all of this functionality of my suggestion would exist in the singular app.

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