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(Archived) Cursor jumps to the first note in the list


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Each time when a list of notes is updated (eg. if you remove a keyword on a note in the list) the list seem to be generated anew, and the cursor is removed to the first note in the list. It would be better if the cursor would stay on the position as close as possible to ist last position.

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This is the one feature I HATE most about Evernote.


When I open a note I had been working on, the cursor is at the start of the first word in the TITLE of the note!!!


If I'm opening a note I was working on, obviously I want to continue where I left off.  Even if I would want to change the title, the cursor is STILL at the start of the title, and not the end.

Whoever made this feature should be fired.  It's the stupidest feature ever.


This is especially annoying when you frequently revisit a note to add more to it...say, for a workout log.  

After every set, I open the note, and the cursor has jumped up to the start of the title of the note.



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Brainbuster: And I really, really hate asking the same question over and over again: which Evernote client are *you* using? They are different, and it really helps out the people trying to help you.

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