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Penultimat/Evernote integration request



Hi, I have been an avid Evernote user for years. I love the ability to know that the note I'm taking right now will automatically be synced to my other devices and be available everywhere. Well, I have been doing more with drawing and hand written notes lately. I was excited to find Penultimate. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in the integration with the overall Evernote system. It appears that in order for my penultimate notes to be synced to my Evernote account I need to manually send the page/notebook to Evernote (yes, I've linked and everything seems to work).

My request is to add a function where I can opt in to have my penultimate notes automatically sync to my evernote account/devices without any intervention just like a normal Evernote note.

I understand the issues of not being able to edit the notes once in Evernote...but I'm willing to live with that. I just want to be able to take a note...any note...and have them automatically synced to my Evernote account and all devices.


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Agreed! I'd love the ability to have my notebooks in Penultimate auto-sync to Evernote... would really help my workflow at the office.

One step further, it would be great if the evernote app allowed for the ability to edit the handwritten notes.

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I agree that something needs to be done with syncing between Penultimate and Evernote. I am anxiously (and impatiently) awaiting a full rewrite of how notebooks are stored. I would like to see the notebooks in Penultimate become notebooks in Evernote and each page is a note. Adding a solution to group a range of pages as one note would also be fantastic (perhaps adding up and down paging for multipage single notes and left right paging for new notes in the notebook). This would work great for me as I take Calculus notes where single problems can take multiple pages and I am sure other topics would require multiple pages as well. I use Evernote for all my school notes when I can type and Penultimate when I have to write, adding a better sync system and a few other functionality improvements would be wonderful. I don't want or need too many features like other note taking applications, I like the limited simplicity that Penultimate offers because it lets me focus on taking notes instead of fiddling around with formatting.

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