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(Archived) Evernote down this morning?

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I'm having issues synchronizing from within Evernote and I cannot access the Evernote Home.action page within the browser.

Anyone else having issues?

Evernote Desktop (267980) Public, on Win 7 64-bit, had issues syncing this morning. Took an hour of retries before it worked normally. All is good right now, but logging this here in the event that others experience similar intermittent issues. Wonder if Sandy will have any impact on Evernote datacenters? Hopefully everything is massively distributed, Akamaized, or something.

Thanks team Evernote, you are absolutely the best!

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Evernote is located in California.

Hurricane Sandy is on the East Coast.

We were not down this morning - however, that is not to say that there may not have been some people whose internet connections were interrupted on the way to our server this morning, as I'm sure there were some individual nodes somewhere across the country that may have been affected by the storm (and then there's always other issues that could be causing sync failure.) I'd contact Evernote Support via the link in my signature and see if there's something with your connection specifically, as everyone's setup is different.

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Yes, something flaky going on this morning - EN status page reports all-systems-normal during protracted sync failure (despite normal connectivity) - recovered at 11:30PDT, required restart of PCs. Vancouver BC area.

I cannot speak for Evernote or BC, of course, but it was working for me here on the East Coast in the middle of Sandy (she's almost arrived here in Jersey and the rain is now sideways. It is pretty wild).

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