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(Archived) "Open with..." in Evernote: Skitch is not an option (and one more question)


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Why isn't Skitch one of the Open With... options in Evernote?

Also, if I do choose "Other" and then choose Skitch, how do I just save the image I just edited back into the note it was in? Hitting save puts it in a new note?

I just...I hate to pile on, but I finally "upgraded" to 2.0 and even the "It's more integrated with Evernote now!" stuff is oversold. It's not integrated with Evernote in any meaningful way that I can find.

EDIT: I am now in disbelief as to how terrible Skitch 2.0 is. Wow. I just had no idea. I can't open an image I edited in Skitch in Preview? I can't change the title in Evernote? Seriously. What went into making these decisions??

It's kind of funny, if one can step back from the situation far enough to laugh about it, the only app I don't want to use Skitch with anymore is Evernote!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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