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(Archived) Search still broken after many months of promises to fix



Incredibly, the search bug reported here and here and here and here is still not fixed in v3.3.0. These reports go all the way back to May 2011!

To recap, the problem is that when I perform a search for, say, tag:todo, there are 12 matching notes, but Evernote Mac only shows me 10 of them. There's a "12" next to the todo tag. Evernote Web correctly shows 12 notes. If I rename the tag to something else, say, todo1 and then select it, it now finds 12 notes. Then I have to change the name back to todo.

The problem is a user wouldn't know this problem is happening when doing a compound search, for, say, tag:tax tag:2011. So when doing your taxes, you might only find a subset of the relevant notes.

The Evernote employees who have been participating in these threads just keeps posting that they've been busy with other stuff but they plan to make search work sometime in the future. But I see no evidence of any effort on their part to address this bug. That's totally mind-boggling to me. Searching is *the* foundational feature of Evernote.

Removing the local Evernote db and re-downloading it solves the problem, but as new notes are added, the problem recurs.

I have submitted several support tickets about this, but all they ever tell me is that it's a known bug. And they keep telling me to redownload my entire database and send them log files, but that process takes hours (I have a lot of notes), and I haven't seen any evidence that their engineers do anything with what I send them. So frustrating!

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I share your frustration. I have also reported search bugs that persist across releases. For my use, rock-solid search - not whiz-bang feature - is the central priority.

And don't start me on complete database reloads. The last one Evernote support requested took me 6 hours. Even though it was obvious from the symptom that note content data was not the source of the difficulty. We need much better granularity in database repair.

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