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(Archived) password remains filled in

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I've just started using evernote and it seems a very helpfull program.

I have one (big) problem though.

When i open the webpage of evernote, my username and pasword remains filled in, although i haven't checked the box (to remember pasword for one week).

This means that any person who starts up my chrome browser, just can log in .... :wacko:

How can i make sure the field is blank so the pasword has to be typed every time ?

thanks in advance for any advice



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Hi afritsstirf, welcome to the forum :)

This is not the typical behaviour. In my testing, this only happens when you have told Chrome to remember your password. Have you done that?

Check in Chrome:

Settings -> Show advanced settings (bottom of settings page) -> Passwords and Forms section.

There is an auto fill option and a saved passwords section.


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