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(Archived) How can I get Evernote to show dates of events from outlook calender?


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I have sent the events from my outlook calender to Evernote notes but would like it to list the entries showing the dates of the event in the headers.

I have checked the option of headers to view in the notebook but no option to ad field as far as i can see.

Ideally i would have liked to have a calender in Evernote or multiple calenders for work and personal etc, so if that is an option can someone let me know.

Either way, I need to be able to see at a glance the list of dates I have events booked, and be able to search individual meetings etc.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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This also stopped working on the iOS app for me (works on iPhone, but not iPad- where I usually take all my notes in meetings). any possible suggestions for a fix or should I contact support directly and submit the logs in case that is any help? (iPad 3 iOS 6 with EN ver It also still flickers on new notes and crashes, completely removing the app and reinstalling from the app store didn't fix this, but i'm not overly concerned with this. I would really love to have it pulling titles from my calendar again :)

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