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All-in-one scanner and printer, wirelessly scan to Evernote

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I finally bought the HP PhotoSmart 6520 for 149.9€ with a reimbursement of 40€ which yieleds 109.9€ (up to 31-oct-2012).

There were cheaper, perfectly capable options, such as the Canon PIXMA MG4250, but I settled with this one as is very new, the price with the reimbursement was nice, the large (6" I think) LCD screen, the web apps and the eprint capability.

Thanks everybofy,


Juan Carlos---

(Edited for improved clarity)

I'm looking for a scanner. I did my homework looking other threads, but didn't found what I'm looking for.

MAIN DRIVER: I'll basically use this to wirelessly scan to Evernote without a computer: the scanner shall be able to mail scanned docs via my wifi router to Evernote.

SECONDARY: I occasionally will print some docs or photos, that's why I'm thinking on an all-in-one scanner and printer.

SECONDARY: An LCD panel is required, unless you convince me on the contrary.

DON'T NEEDED: I don't need portability: the machine will always be on a table at my home. I move my laptop around, that's why the scanner will not be fixed to any computer.

NICE TO HAVE: I have iOS devices, so AirPrint compatibility is a plus.

NICE TO HAVE: Double-side scanning is another plus, although I don't really believe I'll miss that should it only perform one-side scanning.

CONSTRAINT: And finally, I'm aiming to the 100€/130$ price tag.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Juan Carlos---


Epson Stylus SX445W

HP Deskjet 3050A

Canon PIXMA MG4250

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Good luck with your search - you're asking an awful lot of a low price scanner / printer! I don't know of any hardware that will independently scan and upload a note, apart from a mobile phone or a tablet; and they aren't within budget and won't help you much with the print issue. Unless there is a user out there who has successfully dealt with the same need for a portable scanner/ printer and can help you with suggestions, I think you will have to rely on searching printer/ scanner sellers to see if there's a model that goes some way towards meeting your needs.

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While this won't work without a computer, I found that basically any scanner/all-in-one has the ability to scan directly into the Evernote app, as long as it's connected to your computer or network.  My Epson Workforce 645 made in 2011 scans directly to Evernote using this tip from 2008:



It uses the built-in image capture in Mac with my network-connect all-in-one.  Aside from Evernote, I literally installed no software to get this working.  I originally set the printer up over my network - no software or configuration at all.  It's just auto-detected.  


One thing I noticed is that multiple page scans wind up as multiple notes.  However, just highlight them all in Evernote and "merge" into a single note.  

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