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(Archived) Nested Tags - why doesn't selecting the parent tag show all

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I too think this is the way it SHOULD work. but it doesn't.

currently, the only way to get what you want is to tag each note with the specific tag AND the parent tag. then save a search that includes the parent tag, and any of the child tags.

This is very tedious and seriously needs to be improved.

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It seems such a long time since I used Evernote 2 that I've forgotten exactly how it functioned :? , but I seem to remember that you could press a key (Ctrl or shift or something??) whilst clicking on a parent tag to select all of the subtags too. Is my memory correct? If so, this is one feature we could really do with exporting to Evernote 3!

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Double clicking on a category would select it and its children - and see all notes in any of those categories.

That is exactly the behaviour that we could do with seeing in Evernote 3; it doesn't change the basic behaviour of selecting tags, it just adds an extra bonus feature on top, one that I'm sure lots of people would love to see reinstated. I understand the logic of not automatically assuming that all items tagged with one of the sub-tags would also belong to the parent tag, but this kind of feature would mean we could have it both ways without altering anything drastically.

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