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(Archived) Tag List - Show items without tags


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I have added a bunch of items and decided that I wanted to ensure all items had a tag. I went to click "tags" and it shows all the tags and how many notes are applied to that tag. However, there is no way on the Android (unless someone can help with that) to show all the items WITHOUT TAGS.

1) Under Windows, one can "sort" the tag column and everything w/o tag can either float to the top or bottom.

2) On Android it would be nice to show a single/final grouping called "Untagged" and a count. Then I could click that and ONLY see the items w/o a tag. Then I can go through that list. The beauty with the Android product, if you select a specific tag to browse by and then edit the item and remove that tag, that item now disappears from the list once you save it. So if I can see all those items w/o a tag - then once I assign the tag(s) they will automatically disappear. As I am tagging the list will get shorter to the point there are no items without tags.

The product is really a big filing cabinet - and I see this as a way to help file things in their right place without having a giant misc/sundry/untagged bunch of data (assuming that you want to use tags in the first place).


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