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(Archived) Ink notes not displayed on the Iphone, V. 1.5

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First thanx for the great product, I am using it dayly and constantly finding new applications for it!

I updated yesterday my Iphone installation to v. 1.5 and notices, that my Ink notes are no loger displayed on the phone. I can see the automatically generated title and a link saying "Download ink" withing the body of the note, but clicking the on link does not download / diyplay the ink (actually it does not seem to do anything). This is true both when accessing the note trough the Evernote Application and trough the IMAP service.

To make sure, that the problem is not in my Internet connection I tryed to access the notes on two different locations over WLAN and on over the 3G Cellular network but ina ll cases without success. I also tried viewing notes from different notebooks, but this did not make any difference either.

I am havily relying on the ink feature as I am using a IO2 pen to take notes during meetings and classes, and then sync the files with Evernote. Showing ink notes has been working perfectly in the previous versions. Please, let me know where the problem might be and how can I downgrade to a previous version of the Iphone app, if it is not to be fixes.

Thanx a lot!


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I've had the same problem. Pdf notes also seem to load slower, but ti's harder to tell.

The ink note problem is the big one, though. When will the nest service update be issued? If I could step backward to the last version I would but I don't know that that's possible with the iphone

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The ink note problem isn't related to the code on the client ... this change actually happened a few days before the new client code came out. (It's the accidental side effect of a fix for a different problem: the iPhone wouldn't display pictures over 2-3 megapixels.)

We're tentatively hoping to have the testing finished to do the service update on either Wed or Thurs this week.

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